Friday Five -5 Fitness Trends I’ll Never Try

I’m doing a Friday Five link up again with Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC and Mar from Mar on the Run. Here are 5 fitness trends I’m not gonna try!

5. Running skirts / skorts
No thank you… I think they look dumb. I can’t stand them! Sorry!!
4. barefoot running
Well I did try it a couple times in my Vibrams, and got shin splints shortly after…. So, never ever again!
3. working out and then running hours of errands gotta shower!
2.not working out no thanks!! Haha!


1. crossfit
I will never do crossfit. It is not appealing to me and I gave read how bad it is for your body. The only thing similar that I will do are total body fitness classes with a circuit workout that may include flipping tires and such.

Quick Iced Matcha Latte

Here’s my Quick Iced Matcha Latte recipe! tjsmatcha1/2 tsp of Matcha Powder (I use Trader Joe’s)

1 cup of Vanilla Almond Milk (unsweetened)

1 tsp Agave

1 cup of Ice

Add these together and blend! 





Peachtree Road Race 2015


The 2015 Peachtree Road Race was wet….really wet. I didn’t take any pictures while we were at the race because it was raining the entire time and I didn’t want to get my phone (or anything else in my Spi Belt) wet.

We left around 6:45am to make our 8:05am wave. We drove downtown to a parking lot, and I had forgotten about the super long line to pay for parking. That took a while, and it was raining the whole time then too, but it wasn’t too bad since I still had my rain jacket and umbrella. Once we paid, we left our jackets and umbrella in the car and walked to Marta. We didn’t have to wait for Marta and rode to the Buckhead station. (mistake!) It was really far away, and we walked for about 30 minutes in the rain to the start. As we were getting closer we noticed more and more people were walking towards us …weird. And people were hanging out in parking decks…also weird. Once we got within earshot of the announcer, we found out the race was ON HOLD. Lovely! Luckily we only waited for about 10 minutes until they started it back up. We didn’t want to go hide from the rain and get stuck further back, so we just stood in the rain. Once it started back up we waited another 10 minutes to start running (it was still raining, by the way).

Around 9:05am, we were off. The first 3 miles flew by. We stopped at some porta potties around mile 2, but didn’t take long. Even mile 4 and 5 weren’t bad. It was around Cardiac Hill (and by Peachtree Orthopedic where I had all my surgeries and doctors appointments) that my breathing got tough and I couldn’t catch my breath. But I hung onto Shaun. I made him drag me a lot of the end of the race.

The last half mile or so sucked. I was ready to be done and out of the rain, and wanted to just stop and breathe. But we pushed on. We both finished with a time of 1:09, and 6 seconds apart. Not bad. Now I have completed 3 Peachtree Road Races and Shaun has finished 1!

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 4.23.03 PM

We got our  t-shirts ( I should have gotten an XS..the small is huge on me!), and our food from Publix and walked back to the car.

Once we got home it was time for epsom salt and naps. We didn’t nap too much, but did watch some TV, and went to the pool when it was actually sunny and nice out.

After that, we went to my parent’s house to cook out and set off some fireworks! Lots of fun!

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 4.20.05 PM

Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July!!

Friday Five – 4th of July

I’m doing a Friday Five link up again with Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC and Mar from Mar on the Run. Tomorrow is the 4th of July, so here are 5 things about the 4th!

5. I can’t wait for the Peachtree Road Race tomorrow!! I am also excited about packet pick up and the expo!


4. Beer is on sale at Whole Foods! So you know we’ll be getting some to sit by the pool with!


3. The end of the week that I did a triathlon and a 10k. Whoops! Can you say rest day??

2. Our 1st married 4th of July! Not too sure what we’re gonna do, but whatever it is, I’m excited!


1. Fireworks!!

PT Solutions Allatoona Triathlon

This past Sunday I raced in the PT Solutions Allatoona Sprint Triathlon. It was a 500 meter swim, 16 mile bike ride and a 5K run. This was my 1st time doing this race, and overall it was a great time.

I packed for the tri Friday night, because it was a busy weekend in our household. Shaun had a jiu jitsu tournament all day Saturday. This is what I packed:



  • Goggles
  • Flip Flops
  • Swim cap


  • Bike (not pictured…) & bike tools
  • Helmet
  • Sunglasses
  • Shoes for bike
  • Water Bottle


  • Running Shoes
  • Socks
  • Hat


  • Towels (2)
  • Small towel
  • SpiBelt
  • Nutrition
  • Watch


  • Change of clothes
  • USAT Card
  • Chacos

I also packed stuff to sleep in Acworth since we got a hotel so we didn’t have to wake up super early and drive.

Shaun’s tournament was pretty fun to watch, and he did really great!



After his tournament, we ate dinner at the CNN Center, went back home to switch cars, get my bike and Mac, and headed to Acworth.


Since we were pretty close to the race and I had picked up my packet earlier in the week, we didn’t get there until about 6:45AM. I didn’t get my stickers for my bike & helmet so I did have to pick those up, along with my timing chip and get body marked. It was kind of crazy for a second situationg myself, but I got it together. I also got my bike checked out by Cannon Cyclery to make sure all was well before I started.



They were running 15 mintues behind, which gave me time to get everything ready in transition, stretch a little, and of course hit up the porta potty!


Finally it was time to start. The swim went usual. I always have high hopes that I’ll swim freestyle and stay calm, but that never seems to be the case. It was a struggle and I was constantly getting kicked or kicking people. There was a point that I did backstroke for a bit just to collect myself. The water temp was 84 degrees. A little too warm, but what are you gonna do? Eventually I made it out of the water at 13:18.


Next up was the 16 mile bike ride. I was excited for this one since I knew it would be a good course. It was similiar to the Acworth Women’s Tri’s bike. Everything was great, I accidentally ate a little too many sports beans at once, but it turned out to be good for me.

I don’t remember the mile number, but after I turned off of Cobb Pkwy, I saw a rock in the road and thought “someone better move that out of the way!“. I came out of the curve and saw a woman on the side of the road trying to change her tire. As always I called out to see if she needed help and she said the tire won’t come off. I slammed on my brakes, jumped off my bike and ran to her. Part of me was like “what are you doing!?!?!” and the other was all “can’t let a fellow triathlete be stranded like this!”.

She wasn’t kidding, that tire was a b*!c4 to get off! I ran back to get my tire lever, and as I was an equestrian truck was about to pull in the driveway my bike was in front of, so I had to run back, grabbed my bike and ran with it to the woman. Nucking Futs!!

Eventually she got the tire off and sent me on my way. I didn’t get her name or anything, but I hope she finished the race! It probably added 4 or 5 minutes to my bike time, but I don’t regret it. My total bike time was 1:03:59.



Next up was the lovely run! I knew this one would be hilly, but somehow it wasn’t as bad as I remembered! I ran about 95% of it, which in my book right now, is great for me. Even my mile splits weren’t bad! My hip did bug me, and so did my foot, but I stuck it out. My total run time was 35:03.


My official time was: 1:55:21. Not too bad…6th in my Age Group.

500 Meter Swim, 16 Mile Bike, 5K Run


Next up, the Peachtree Road Race on the 4th!



Friday Five – Five Things that Make Me Happy


I’m doing a Friday Five link up with Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC and Mar from Mar on the Run.


5. car hunting
Maybe not 100% insanely happy about it, but it’s always exciting checking out new cars and thinking about what you’ll be riding around in next.


4. Mumford & Sons
Finally getting to see Mumford & Sons in concert last week! I first heard of them 5 years ago before I went to study in London, and almost went to see them, but the show was a long train ride away on a “school night”. This was a great show (they’re even better live), and special because they were a band Shaun and I really got into together when we started dating.

3.triathlon training
I am happy that triathlon training is in full swing this summer. Kinda bummed I haven’t been on my bike as much since my last race earlier this month, but swimming is going good. Running is hot, tough on my mind, and makes my right foot hurt after so we’re not really friends now.


2.officially done with my thumb saga
My last doctor appointment was on Monday! It has been a long 15 months of surgeries, physical therapy, and adapting. I’m happy to finally have a kind of closure on it.


1. this guy & this dog
We have had a ton of fun lately (as always) enjoying the weather, and snuggling and night.


Tri Talk Tuesday – Race Day Etiquette

Race day etiquette is a very big part of race day and how you like the race. From the moment you park, to when you leave, a lot is going on.

First of all, I have yet to see this, but an athlete drop off area in places where you might be parking far away from check-in and transition. That would be so nice. But since that isn’t really a thing, being nice to others while they unload their race junk gear is always appreciated. It is pretty stressful when you arrive early in the morning, short on time and need to get body marked, transition set up, use the porta potty a million times, and figure out your game plan.

Don’t take up all the space at the bike racks! I always seem to arrive later than most people and have had to scoot people’s bikes down on the rack to get mine on there. I always ask around to see if the owner is nearby, but sometimes you just need to make a little space.

Don’t take up space on the ground! We are all in this together… Don’t make me feel like I must have all of my transition necessities in a shoebox. Also, if you decide to sit down during transition and block my area…you just better move!

If you’re passing on the bike, announce yourself . Sometimes I don’t always hear people with super quiet bikes coming up behind me… Let me know you’re gonna pass before you start to pass.. Not while you’re next to me!

Cheer everyone oneven if you’re racing too! If someone is passing you, cheer them on! If you see someone who was walking start to pick up the pace, let them know you’re excited. Just because you’re in the race doesn’t mean you can’t cheer!

And my last one, don’t just stop while swimming . If you need to stop for a second while swimming, please move to the side 1st. Swimming is a tough part of the race and stopping dead in front of people causes crashes!



Tributary Retro Triathlon

Last week I did my 1st triathlon of the season, USA Triathlon’s Retro Series put on by the Peak Racing Team in Atlanta. It was held in the Tributary community in Lithia Springs. The pool swim was 300 yards, followed by a 6 mile bike ride and a 2 mile run.

This race was not at all flat! There were hills on hills on hills, and I somehow survived.


My overall swim time was 4:57. I thought I would be much faster, but this pool swim quickly became crowded and hard to pass multiple people at once. Next I spent 1:59 in transition. I wasn’t 100% unpacked in my transition area because I ran out of time before the race, so I had to dig around in my backpack for my nutrition. I totally forgot to find my sunglasses, but luckily it was a short ride and not too sunny.


I caught up to my mom at the end of the ride and rode with her for a few minutes. I spent 1:11 in transition putting on my shoes & socks for the run, and she not only caught up to me but started on the run a few seconds ahead of me!


We ran together until the tail end. I wanted to finish in less than an hour and was unsure of how much there was left so I took off, but the finish wasn’t that far away. The run took me a total of 22:02.


Total Time: 56:37 minutes

I ended up finishing 2nd in my age group, and got a sweet neon green mug for it! My mom finished 3rd in her age group! Pretty awesome! Maybe now she won’t ‘retire’ from triathlon!