Orca Whale Watching

I was looking forward to seeing killer whales in the wild ever since I saw it pop up while searching for things to do in Seattle. Backing up a bit, I have always been a huge killer whale fan. Thanks to Free Willy, I was obsessed as a kid, and now love to follow Instagram accounts that post pics of orcas all day every day. So when I saw this was something we could do on our trip, I pretty much decided it would be done.

We did the tour with the Puget Sound Express. It took me a while to decide on a company, but this one worked best with our schedule and where we were driving from that morning. We did the morning tour that left at 9:30am.


The trip was right on time, and we boarded, went through the safety info and we were on our way! Shaun and I went to the back of the boat to see the sights as we left the port in Edmunds, Washington. After a bit, I bought some tea and got a blueberry buckle (which is kind of like a scone). They make them fresh right on the boat, and it was amazing!


boattea shaunboat

Lately humpback whales have been making an appearance in the San Juan waters, so we were able to get pretty close to them!

humpback1 humpback2 humpback3 humpback4

The humpback whales were really cool! They were so close to us, we could see and hear them very clearly! We also had borrowed some binoculars so those were awesome to see extra close with!

Then it was time to move on, and find some orcas!! On the way we looked at information about all the whales. The family that runs the Puget Sound Express really knows their stuff and had a lot of cool info to share!


We saw 2 orcas in the water, a male and female. The boat couldn’t get too close because they didn’t want to get in between them. (I was kinda sad), but we still got to see them and it was AMAZING!!

killer1 killer2 killer3 killer4

Then it was time for us to head back to Edmunds. I didn’t take any pictures while we were there, but Edmunds is beautiful! I would love to live there! Such a cute little town! We went into all sorts of cute shops, got some cookies, and went to a brewery (of course!).



Portland – A Quick Visit


Compared to my Seattle post, this one will be much shorter since we were only in Portland for about 5 hours. We took the 9:50am train from Seattle, and arrive at 1:50pm in Portland. We definitely got some sleep on the train, but I also enjoyed watching the sights and drinking some tea.


Once we arrived, everyone was starving. We walked around looking for a place to eat, and found this awesome sigh outside of the Patagonia store:

We went to Deschutes Brewery for lunch. It was so good! Of course we got a flight, but Shaun and I split their chicken and waffles…so amazing!

chickenwaffles flight1

Their beer was so good! I highly suggest trying some!

After lunch, we split up. The girls went shopping and the guys went to try more beer. Since I’m always here for the beer, I went with the guys. We went to Bailey’s Taproom for some flights. I had read about it online and wanted to check out their digital beer list. It was super cool:


It had all the information you wanted to know…where it’s from, how much is left, the price, all sorts of great info!


After we had our flights, we went to get donuts from Voodoo Donuts, but the line was very long and since we didn’t have that much time, we decided to move on.

We walked around, went into some stores, but had to meet back up with our group. We walked across the Broadway Bridge, but then it was time to go back to the train station.


Portland was pretty cool, and I hope we get to go back and explore more and more of the state of Oregon!

Seattle Trip 2016

Good Morning! A month I was in the beautiful Pacific Northwest! Seattle to be exact! It was my first trip that far west, and everyone told me I’d love it and not want to come back…and that has ended up to be very true!

I wanted to recap our first few days in Seattle! We were there from Saturday-Friday, but this will be Saturday-Tuesday!



Saturday morning, we woke up after “sleeping” for 2ish hours (our flight was at 8:50, so we were going to try to just stay up..nope (also, bad idea)). The plan was to meet Shaun’s brother and sister in law at our old apartment (they lived in the same complex as us) by 5:20 to get an Uber to the MARTA station. Once we were dropped off, and got on a train. Somewhere around downtown, the train hit something and stopped. We have no idea what really happened but we weren’t stopped for too long. Checking in and security were pretty quick, and we had enough time to get breakfast and for me to catch a Pokemon. No judgement.
This was my 1st time flying Southwest, so I was nervous that we’d end up with bad seats, but we were able to get 2 rows by each other, and Shaun was next to me. Flying over all of these states and mountains was amazing. Now I’m dying even more to explore the US.
Mt. Rainier in the distance
Mt. Rainier in the distance

We landed, and I had my 1st orca sighting!!
After getting some gyros for lunch, and hanging out for a little bit, we went to downtown Seattle. We stayed with family friends in Issaquah, which isn’t too far from the city. I was excited to check out the Kavu store, and see Pike Place Market.
pikeplace 13615394_10207043503182159_5978695181506847877_n 13645342_10207043502782149_2670592854621889910_n
 We stopped by the original Starbucks, and I got a drink, but it wasn’t anything different than your usual SBUX. For dinner everyone got fish at Ivars Fish Bar, but I just ate fries because I don’t eat fish!
I slept for TEN HOURS. Obviously I was super tired and went to bed Saturday night at 7:30pm(10:30pm home time). Shaun and I got up and Shaun made breakfast for everyone. Soon after, my bro-in-law wanted to watch a soccer game, so we found a place to watch it called The Black Duck Cask and Bottle. We got 2 flights and were able to try beers we’ve never even heard of before!
13599821_10207056272141375_4473763476070729259_n 13626615_10207056271661363_6670913577088190714_n
 Afterwards, we went back to the house, and all went to the 1st REI in downtown Seattle!
Shaun and I woke up and were ready to hike! There were trails right in the neighborhood we were staying in, so we just walked over to them! Cougar Mountain was on the edge of the neighborhood, so we did the hike up and we were just amazed at the greenery and scenery!
 cougarmtn cougarmtn2 slug
Once we got back from our hike, we went to the Issaquah Brew House for some much needed snacks!
It’s a Rogue brewery, so we tried beer and had some cheese curds (which were AMAZING).
Bill (bro-in-law) and his wife met up with us and we walked to another place down the street for more beer! And then to Black Duck again!
We went back to the house for dinner, and then went to see Snoqualmie Falls.
While talking about where to hike, everyone told us we needed to go up Poo-Poo Point to see the views…so we did the hike! It was a few miles up and down, but totally worth it! It was pretty steep and rocky, but there were a ton of people on the trail with us. The view did not disappoint! People use this area to paraglide (no thanks!) but we didn’t see anyone up there.
poopoo1 poopoo2 poopoo3 poopoo4
Lunch was way overdue so we went to the Sunset Ale House! Shaun and I split a burger, and had this amazing dessert:
Afterwards, we went to another (and better) Kavu store in Ballard. After dropping some $$$ we walked around before going back to the house for dinner. We had been planning on going to Portland on Wednesday, so we talked about that and then went to bed.
Stay tuned for my Portland post!

Oh Hey!!!

Oh hey there!!! I feel like it’s been forever since I last posted…mainly because it has been forever. Lots and lots has happened since then. I have slowly been working on recap posts from our trip to Seattle. Emphasis on the slow. I’ve also been to 2 Coldplay concerts since I last posted! Which of course was SUPER exciting! Recap of those coming soon as well.


I have been loving jiu-jitsu, and even did 2 classes in a row on Tuesday (I was very dead afterwards). It’s a ton of fun, and took me a while to find a gi, but I ended up just buying one from my gym. So it’s not specifically for women, but it fits so no complaints! I also of course will write about jiu-jitsu because there’s not a lot of resources for women online and that kind of stuff always annoys me!


We have been battling poison ivy in our house for over a week now. I think it’s been well over a week. Long story short, it started out with me using the wrong leaf in the woods, but thanks to a video on YouTube we found, I was able to walk away from that nightmare unscathed. But a few days later, Shaun had noticeable signs of The Ivy we call it now. He still has it, and I have it a little bit as well. We have no clue how he really got it, but we’ve been doing laundry and cleaning anything and everything it could have gotten on like crazy. Note to self: say no to poison ivy!

Shaun finished his 1st semester of grad school with all A’s! Aaaand we just paid for his fall semester! (bye $$$$$$$). Paying for school sucks, but luckily we’re able to do it for Shaun without getting loans. I can’t wait for the day that I have mine paid off (check back in at least a decade, unless I win the lottery).

Who’s watching the Olympics?!?! I’m watching swimming right now as I type this. I love that and gymnastics! Triathlon is also pretty fun to watch but they don’t cover it too well. Since we have cable now, I’m excited to watch as much as I can though!

That’s it for now, Mac really needs to go outside, and I need to finish some recap posts before I forget everything!!


Change Up

So I have moved my blog from being hosted at Blogger to self hosted WordPress. I feel like I’ve done this a lot. It is a little crazy, but I just love using different platforms, learning what’s new and ‘better’. So if you’re new here, I guess there’s not change, and if you’re not new, Hey! But either way, It is a hot mess right now so please don’t judge!

We are officially out of our old apartment. So that’s a little sad, but also nice to have one less thing to worry about. Now we need to finish unpacking and clean up our lovely office. It has become the junk room where anything and everything has been going that doesn’t go with the rest of our place. Ugh! I’d really love to use it, or at least have the option of using it.


I have started doing jiu-jitsu. Okay, so far I have only done it once but it was fun and I plan on going back to the beginner class tomorrow. I also need to find and buy an awesome gi for women so I can go on Tuesdays.

I’m signing up for a stand up comedy class. I have been wanting to do this for almost a year now, but every time I look it up I just miss the sign up period. So I finally wrote it on my calendar! I’m super excited (and nervous of course),plus at the end of class you perform your set in a graduation show! (which also happens to be the day after the Amy Schumer show!).

I’m going out of town twice in the next 2 weeks to see Coldplay. I am so excited to be volunteering with Oxfam again and being able to see the show for free. It makes the traveling worth it since they’re not coming to Atlanta

I have been listening to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It is making me want to throw out all my clothes and buy stuff I actually want to wear. It’s also making me go crazy when I’m not home and available to clean up the office! I’m not done yet, but I am loving the book!

I signed up for a 5k in October. I know it’s a short race and like 10 weeks away, but I haven’t really ran all year, so this will be a long road to get back in the game, pain-free (is that even a thing).

aaaaand that’s about it. Just trying to organize and live life. I’m working on a Seattle recap, but until then, here’s a picture of a whale!


How To Use Your Domain Name As Your Email Address

How To Use Your Domain Name As Your Email Address
Welcome to the 2nd installment of Tech Tuesday!! If you missed the first one, How To Buy Your Own Domain Name, check it out! So, once you’ve purchased your domain name, now you’re gonna want to send emails using your new fancy domain! Here’s how you can do it without throwing your computer across the room! There are 2 ways…if you bought hosting, and if you just bought the domain name:
If You Bought Hosting
Log into the cPanel. This is where all the magic happens that you don’t see. For NameCheap, I click on Email Accounts, and then can add new ones for any domain that I’m hosting. For this example I’m adding kaleigh @ codebikerun.com.
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 8.35.08 PM
Here it lets me choose the address I want, and then I set my password, and hit Create Account.
Now it shows up in my list of emails
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 8.36.50 PM
So this gives me an email address, but I have to go through the software on my hosting account to check it. Which is no fun when you’re a Gmail lover like me. Lets add this bad boy to Gmail!!
I use the same Gmail account and all sorts of emails are forwarded to it. This will be one of those.
Head to Gmail, and on the right hand side, click the gears icon and then Settings.
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 8.39.19 PM
Click the tab “Accounts and Import”
Find the button “Add another email address you own”
Now the fun part. A little box will pop up. under name, put the name you want to show up when you send emails.
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 8.41.35 PM
Click Next Step, and don’t freak out.
On my hosting it lets me ‘Configure Email Client’. That gives you a TON of info that you wouldn’t normally know.
My SMTP Server is: server71.web-hosting.com
Find your SMTP port as well.
If your hosting doesn’t have options like these, don’t be scared to Google name of service SMTP Server.
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 8.52.44 PM
your username is the full email address, and the password is the one you just created for it.
Now you’ll get an email to that hard to find inbox through your hosting. Find the email from Google that is sent there.
Click the link to confirm, or enter the code, and you’re good to go!
Gmail allows you to make different emails the default and there is a Labs that allows you to send from that email as well (and if someone sends an email to that email it’s automatically the reply email).
If You Bought Just The Domain Name
This is much easier,but doesn’t let you send emails as your domain name…just receive.
Find where you can redirect or forward emails to your account. With my hosting, I just just click ‘add forwarder’ and enter the name I’d like to use.
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 9.00.41 PM
Boom. Done!
Tech Tuesday 1
I hope this all makes sense! If not, let me know in the comments, or send me an email 🙂


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How To Buy Your Own Domain Name

I have gotten a few questions about buying domain names and how it works, so here’s my quick guide on how to be “official”!

Decide where you’ll buy your domain name from.
I like to use NameCheap because, well, it’s cheap. It only costs $10.69 for a whole year with a .com  name. Other ones might be cheaper if they’re not a .com (or more expensive) depending on what the name is and availability. Sometimes your name is taken, so you have to get creative.

NameCheap asks if you want to get WhoisGuard for about $2.88 (or for free). DO IT. Basically what it does is protect your personal information. When you register for a domain name, you give your name, phone number, address, email, all sorts of personal info you might not want the whole world to see. WhoisGuard protects you and uses their information instead. So if someone does look your site up, it will just forward you whatever emails they try to send you.

With any site, before you check out, do a quick Google search to see if you can use a coupon code to get a discount! This is another reason why I like NameCheap, they have a page full of their latest promos!

You’ll also be asked if you want to add hosting to your website. If you plan on hosting your own site, you can do that here. If you use Blogger, Tumblr, or Squarespace, you don’t need to get it. But if you want to use the full WordPress.org then you’ll want to buy hosting (and make sure they do WordPress!).

WOO! Now you own your domain name!

*Be aware that sometimes it doesn’t start working instantly. It might take a few minutes to an hour. If you don’t see it after an hour DEFINITELY contact support!

Now, how do you actually use it?

This is a good guide for Blogger. If you bought hosting, it should be fairly easy to get it going.  This is a guide for installing WordPress on Name Cheap. It’s pretty straightforward. Just make sure you read everything carefully and don’t get overwhelmed!
When installing WordPress, when it asks for directory…leave it blank! Unless you want it to be like codebikerun.com/blog, leaving it blank will leave it at codebikerun.com.


And that’s it! Please let me know in the comments or on Twitter if this is helpful, or if you’d like more information!

My next Tech Tuesday post will be about how to use your domain name’s email, so be sure to subscribe via Bloglovin’ or another RSS reader to stay updated!

Weekly Wrap: Happy 4th!

I hope everyone has had a great 3 day weekend! This past week was full of running around buying things to organize our new apartment, fitting in workouts, and work.
I took Monday off because I wasn’t feeling too hot, but was able to hang some stuff in the apartment with Shaun. Our dining room, kitchen, master and guest bathrooms are all pretty much done! We do need to find a skinny curtain for our window in the bathroom, it’s a tad creepy to have a window in there but also really nice to have natural light in the bathroom when I’m getting ready in the morning.
Our office/guest room is a HOT MESS right now. The closet is definitely storage, but since we need to buy some book shelves, and just go through everything to donate or sell, the whole room is soooo unorganized!
The master closet is slightly messy but only because we’re using our dresser as a buffet in the dining room and now anything we used to keep in it is just in the most random places. There have been a lot of “lost” items lately! The living room is about done too, we just need to get something to put by the door for keys, shoes, random stuff.
I was able to work out every day this week, but the 2 workouts I did at our apartment gym felt so rushed since I had other stuff on my mind. This week I’m planning on going to the gym every day since we’re gonna miss it next week while on vacation!
Shaun had a test on his stomach Monday to see how fast or slow it ’empties’. He was done within an hour, which is not normal. They said it could be good or bad. So more waiting to see what that means. But on the bright side, he has been feeling much better this week and is able to eat different things with no pain! Woo!
In blog news, I have been (slowly) learning how to make custom templates, and will hopefully be able to debut them soon! Also, starting tomorrow, I will be doing ‘Tech Tuesdays’! I am very excited about this! I’ll be writing about all sorts of tech related subjects! Tomorrow is all about domain names!
what tech related questions do you want answered? 
do you have any organizational tips?
Join the Weekly Wrap with Hoho Runs and MissSippiPiddlin!
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June Favorites

Oh hey July! Sneaking up on us! I decided I’d share some of my favorite stuff I was obsessed with all month!

Chocolate Zico Water
Chocolate Zico Water is amazing. I want to drink it all day every day. It is especially good to have when you’ve finished a workout or just came in from the ridiculous heat and humidity.
Starbucks Pink Drink
If you haven’t had this, you’re missing out. It’s the Starbucks Acai Refresher with coconut milk instead of water. They throw in strawberries and more than enough ice. The refreshers have caffeine in them, so that’s an extra bonus if you’re half asleep!
The Office
In between all the crazy things that have happened this month, Shaun and I have been making our way through The Office. I wish my office was more like this office.
32oz Hydroflask
My Hydroflask has been a lifesaver all month. From my workouts, to just life in general, it’s amazing because it keeps your water and ice COLD ALL DAY. Even if you leave it in your car. Love it.
Planning For Seattle
Our trip to Seattle is coming up and I have been trying to figure out what to do! I am definitely going on an orca whale watch. THAT IS FOR SURE #FreeWilly but that’s all I really know. So suggestions are greatly appreciated!
Have a great 4th of July weekend!
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Why My Dog Has An Instagram

#CrazyDogLady alert!

A few months ago, after scrolling though my own personal Instagram, looking at corgis, puppies, and any kind of dog, I thought it’d be so amusing if I made one for my dog, Mac.

So I did.

I find it both funny and awesome. Not only does it allows me to post more pics of my dog, but I can follow ALL THE DOGS and it’s not weird. I have found other corgidors (or corgadors), dogs in Atlanta, and all over the world. I write as if I’m the dog. It’s just a good time.

Some of my friends and family follow Mac, he follows them back too. I think most people know I’m crazy ridiculous but not about my dog. He is my fur-baby, so he’s SUPER spoiled. But I don’t push him around in a stroller or anything. Shaun and I make sure he’s a happy pup, give him Party Poppers, and buy him bones when we feel guilty about being too busy.

Of course it would be super cool if Mac was like super famous and my job was to just post pictures of him all day. I’d be fine with that, but Mac knows when I’m taking pictures of him and ALWAYS looks away. So that’d be pretty hard to maintain.

So, why do I do this? Because it just makes me happy. It’s fun to see other dogs like Mac since he’s such a random breed, if I’m having a bad day, it’s just fun to scroll through the feed or post new pictures. Try it and you’ll see!

Do you have an obsession with dog Instagrams? 
Which are your favorite?