Hump Day!

How is it already Wednesday?!?!

For someone who does not have an official job, and has yet to have ‘real’ freelance work, I have been pretty busy. Saturday I went to Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party with my mom for high tea…it was so good! I can’t remember the exact name of the tea we had, but it was a rooibos tea that had almond and macadamia in it. I highly recommend it!

Tea Time!

Tea Time!

Also on Saturday Shaun and I officially sold our 1st table on Etsy! We have sold 2 pallet racks, but this was the 1st big table. We made the shop to sell tables, so we are pretty excited! We also listed the TV stand that we built.

tv stand

Sunday we had lunch at Shaun’s house with some of his family, afterwards, we pedi-pawed Mac’s front nails, and he immediately went outside and hurt one of his back nails and was bleeding. All week he has been licking it, and today he has been limping. I made an appointment at the vet for tomorrow morning. I hope it’s nothing major. He is acting like a big baby though.

baby Mac

baby Mac

Wedding-wise, I feel like a lot is getting done. I made our wedding night hotel reservation, bought a gift/accessory for my bridesmaids, bought another necklace that I might want to wear, Shaun got his tie, we found the pants for the groomsmen, and the invites should be here Friday. I probably won’t have time to get any out before Monday, since this weekend is my brother’s wedding. Friday night is the rehearsal dinner, Saturday I think Shaun and I will be doing the TreeTop Quest in Gwinnett before my hair appointment, then we’re trying out Uber on the way to and from the venue. Safe driving people! Plus the credit from referring friends helps too!

Training-wise, I feel like I have been all over the place. Monday morning I went to a total body fitness class, and it was awesome. I really felt it yesterday! Monday night I was supposed to go to a spin class, but I was locked out of my apartment (my key was stuck in the door) for an hour and a half, so I missed that for sure. Tuesday morning I went to the gym and run/walked on the treadmill, and then did some laps in the pool. I lost count twice of how many laps I was doing, so after 15 minutes I figured I had probably done enough. My arms were dead from Monday’s class.

This morning I worked out in the apartment gym because I didn’t have enough time to go to the gym before my physical therapy appointment. Someone has literally ripped the AC control out of the wall, so it was a sauna in there, plus they bolted the windows closed. I rode the bike and was dead. Tomorrow morning I will run and swim again. Hopefully this time I will keep count!

Tuesday I was super productive and worked on 2 out of my 3 freelancing projects. I was in the zone, editing WordPress themes, organizing, etc.

Now I am waiting on everyone to go to Mellow Mushroom for their 40th anniversary and enjoy the prices of 40 years ago! Happy Hump Day!

The Hump Day Blog Hop

5 Things

Mac helps

Here are 5 things going on for the oh hey Friday link up!

1// last night I went to a total body fitness class at my fiancé’s gym. It was 30 minutes of Georgia Southern’s Madness in the Meadow basically. Lots of fun 4 minute stations that kill you.

2// my brother is getting married in 8 days! I can’t wait to see family coming in that I haven’t seen in a long time. It’ll also be Shaun’s 1st time meeting a lot of people in my family since everyone lives in other states pretty much.


3// I finally ordered our invitations and rsvps. They haven’t shipped yet, but according to all these wedding timelines, I need to send them out next Friday. I’m not doing that though because it’s the day before my brother’s wedding and I don’t want to mesh them more together than they already are.


4// I am going to try to drink 64 ounces of water a day. 2 Nalgene’s worth… Let’s do this!

5// even freelancing I feel like there’s not enough time in the day to do everything I want. There’s so much I want to learn, and I have at least 3 projects to work on. Time management.

Mac helps

Mac helps

 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png


Staying Busy

Today is my 3rd day of freelancing. I have been staying pretty busy, but with a lot of different stuff. One is trying to get this blog to where I want it to be. Another is physical therapy. Plus I am still getting calls from recruiters, and having phone interviews this week, so that takes a lot of time as well. I feel like I’m a broken record by now explaining my last few jobs, my skills, what I’d like to do, etc.

I have a couple of freelance things that I am working on as well. One is a real live paying freelance gig. It’s SEO work, so it’s pretty interesting. 2 others are ones I’m doing for trades, which is awesome, but of course I can’t live off of trades so I’m super excited that my business cards came in this morning!


Can’t wait to pass these cards out! I also made flyers today with tabs, so that I can post them in Starbucks and other coffee shops/bulletin boards around me. I know this is going to be a lot of work and scary at first, but I am excited to really give this freelancing thing a chance!


All this time has also given me the chance to get some wedding stuff done. Today I called a hotel about reserving room blocks, and I am about done with my RSVP postcards. All I have to do is order them from Vistaprint, and soon I’ll be addressing them like a madwoman!

I just realized that this post is strongly powered by Vistaprint…I got my business cards from them, and am doing all my wedding save the dates, invites, rsvps, etc, through them as well.

Monday Plans

Today marks the 1st day that I am technically a freelancer. I am really excited about trying this and I am hoping it works out! Making websites for people and small businesses would be the dream. I have always wanted to help people and do something that benefits both me (using my web dev skills) and them by having an awesome website to send people to.

I am nervous of course about money and if I have some big gap on my resume, and if I can do the jobs I’m supposed to. But I think that’s probably normal. My business cards are coming in this week and I hope they look good!


I am also going to use this time to do any wedding planning I need to do. We have about 2 months until the big day and there’s a lot of little things and details I have to figure out. I plan on ordering invitations and RSVP cards this week from Vistaprint (obsessed), trying to block some hotel rooms, and making hair appointments.

I can also pretend that I am a professional triathlete when I go to the gym! Haha…but for real..

oh hey Friday!

this is my 1st oh hey Friday post, where I list any 5 things!

here are 5 things happening right now:

1// today is my last day at my current job. I’m going to give freelancing a shot. (so if you or anyone you know needs a website/blog/site redesign, contact me!)

2// tomorrow I’m going to get my wedding dress altered.

3// training for my next triathlon starts Monday. I’m excited but feeling a little out of whack.

4// when I was leaving this morning, my dog Mac started barking at me because he wanted to go for a ride too. Way to make me feel great, dog!

5// I’ve tried to drink 32 ounces of water during the day… Not going so well…


Hello World!

Hello Internet! I’m Kaleigh…you can read my About section here. Super fun.

Sunday I completed my 7th triathlon, the Acworth Women’s Triathlon. It was a lot of fun, and my 1st all women’s race. I am definitely going to do it next year, I had wanted to do this race pretty much every year since my 1st triathlon but never have for whatever reason.

2 thumbs up!

2 thumbs up!

This race was also a milestone for me as it was my 1st race since my thumb accident extravaganza earlier this year. I’ll get into that later though. I have only been working out for about 2 months and I was determined to do a tri this summer. I plan on doing 1 or 2 more before the season is over this year. Both are sprints, one is this same exact distance, so that would be perfect to compare any improvement between the two. The other is one I’ve done before, which was my 1st ever open water swim. 1st ever as in the first time I did an open water swim was when I swam 600 meters of this triathlon. Not the best approach, but I survived.

picstitch for ya

picstitch for ya

So anyways, back to this triathlon. I used my fancy new Bia watch. I signed up for it on its Kickstarted 2 years ago. The triathlon mode finally released in time for this tri. I will write more about Bia in a later post, but it is a GPS multisport watch for women, you can send SOS signals if you’re in a dangerous situation and designated people will get texts with the pinpoint of your location. Apparently you can’t send an SOS during triathlon mode, so hitting the button ended my bike a few minutes early and made the above look like I took my sweet time in T2. Now I know.

new bling!

new bling!

Overall I had a great race. I got to talk to Swim Bike Mom aka Meredith beforehand. The swim had me thinking it was going to be otherwise because I couldn’t get my breathing straight. When I got out of the water, I saw Shaun and he was super encouraging so I was like ‘alright, I got this’, and once I got on my bike, it was smooth sailing riding. At one point I was going 30mph, it was a great course and I beasted it. Then came the lovely run… My legs felt like they weighed a million pounds. I’m glad I wasted the timetook the time to put on my cushiony socks and my Hokas. Eventually I found a good pace and was moving. I had to walk in a few spots since I got a cramp and just needed to regroup. But the last mile was my best both time wise and running wise. I was so excited to get closer to the finish, and the best part about this race is that there was a chocolate fountain at the end. So I had that to look forward to. Also, the very end, you turn a corner and are going down the chute. That was better than seeing it sooo far away and psyching yourself out. I heard them say something about Dunwoody, I heard Meredith cheer me on, and then I was done! Shortly after Shaun found me and he had waited so he could drive over to the finish so I wouldn’t have to walk the mile? back. I scored some chocolate, a cookie and muscle milk, and we rode off into the sunsetrise.