Loving my new #VSSportBras

Last week I got the Victoria’s Secret VoxBox with a new Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra and Shorts. They were awesome! I loved the bra, it was comfy, didn’t get in the way, and I didn’t feel like it was cutting me in half. 

The shorts were awesome too. I love a good pair of workout shorts. You shouldn’t have to worry about your clothes when you are working out and Victoria’s Secret has achieved this.


So Tuesday before my kickboxing class, I stopped by Victoria’s Secret and bought another sports bra with one of the coupons I got. I got this bright pink Angel by Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra

It’s comfy, and doesn’t have as much material as my 1st one (below). I usually wear t-shirts when I workout and wearing my green one under a T-shirt felt like a lot. But the pink one is perfect. I think I am going to get ONE MORE before my coupon expires Sunday. I may be a Victoria’s Secret addict! (and experiencing a Sports Bra Breakup!)


This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria’s Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.


Tuesday I received a package from Influenster & Victoria’s Secret Sport! It was the Runway Bra and Knockout Shorts! I get to try them out for free!!

I tried them on and they both fit! So Wednesday morning I wore them to the gym. I did an hour long spin class and then I did some extra workouts afterwards. I loved the bra, I didn’t notice it at all (In a good way!), and it was just super comfortable overall. The shorts were great too! I don’t think I’ll wear them again for spinning because they are so short and my legs rubbed on the bike seat, but other than that they were perfect!

I got a bunch of coupons and I will use one to by more sport bras from VS. I think I’ll be using those within the next week! 

I feel like I’m adding more to my wedding to do list than I am crossing off! This is crazy!

Somewhere between Helen and Dahlonega #nofilter #labordayweekend #Dahlonega #Helen  (at Chatahoochee National Forest)

Somewhere between Helen and Dahlonega #nofilter #labordayweekend #Dahlonega #Helen (at Chatahoochee National Forest)