Change Up

So I have moved my blog from being hosted at Blogger to self hosted WordPress. I feel like I’ve done this a lot. It is a little crazy, but I just love using different platforms, learning what’s new and ‘better’. So if you’re new here, I guess there’s not change, and if you’re not new, Hey! But either way, It is a hot mess right now so please don’t judge!

We are officially out of our old apartment. So that’s a little sad, but also nice to have one less thing to worry about. Now we need to finish unpacking and clean up our lovely office. It has become the junk room where anything and everything has been going that doesn’t go with the rest of our place. Ugh! I’d really love to use it, or at least have the option of using it.


I have started doing jiu-jitsu. Okay, so far I have only done it once but it was fun and I plan on going back to the beginner class tomorrow. I also need to find and buy an awesome gi for women so I can go on Tuesdays.

I’m signing up for a stand up comedy class. I have been wanting to do this for almost a year now, but every time I look it up I just miss the sign up period. So I finally wrote it on my calendar! I’m super excited (and nervous of course),plus at the end of class you perform your set in a graduation show! (which also happens to be the day after the Amy Schumer show!).

I’m going out of town twice in the next 2 weeks to see Coldplay. I am so excited to be volunteering with Oxfam again and being able to see the show for free. It makes the traveling worth it since they’re not coming to Atlanta

I have been listening to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It is making me want to throw out all my clothes and buy stuff I actually want to wear. It’s also making me go crazy when I’m not home and available to clean up the office! I’m not done yet, but I am loving the book!

I signed up for a 5k in October. I know it’s a short race and like 10 weeks away, but I haven’t really ran all year, so this will be a long road to get back in the game, pain-free (is that even a thing).

aaaaand that’s about it. Just trying to organize and live life. I’m working on a Seattle recap, but until then, here’s a picture of a whale!


How To Use Your Domain Name As Your Email Address

How To Use Your Domain Name As Your Email Address
Welcome to the 2nd installment of Tech Tuesday!! If you missed the first one, How To Buy Your Own Domain Name, check it out! So, once you’ve purchased your domain name, now you’re gonna want to send emails using your new fancy domain! Here’s how you can do it without throwing your computer across the room! There are 2 ways…if you bought hosting, and if you just bought the domain name:
If You Bought Hosting
Log into the cPanel. This is where all the magic happens that you don’t see. For NameCheap, I click on Email Accounts, and then can add new ones for any domain that I’m hosting. For this example I’m adding kaleigh @
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 8.35.08 PM
Here it lets me choose the address I want, and then I set my password, and hit Create Account.
Now it shows up in my list of emails
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 8.36.50 PM
So this gives me an email address, but I have to go through the software on my hosting account to check it. Which is no fun when you’re a Gmail lover like me. Lets add this bad boy to Gmail!!
I use the same Gmail account and all sorts of emails are forwarded to it. This will be one of those.
Head to Gmail, and on the right hand side, click the gears icon and then Settings.
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 8.39.19 PM
Click the tab “Accounts and Import”
Find the button “Add another email address you own”
Now the fun part. A little box will pop up. under name, put the name you want to show up when you send emails.
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 8.41.35 PM
Click Next Step, and don’t freak out.
On my hosting it lets me ‘Configure Email Client’. That gives you a TON of info that you wouldn’t normally know.
My SMTP Server is:
Find your SMTP port as well.
If your hosting doesn’t have options like these, don’t be scared to Google name of service SMTP Server.
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 8.52.44 PM
your username is the full email address, and the password is the one you just created for it.
Now you’ll get an email to that hard to find inbox through your hosting. Find the email from Google that is sent there.
Click the link to confirm, or enter the code, and you’re good to go!
Gmail allows you to make different emails the default and there is a Labs that allows you to send from that email as well (and if someone sends an email to that email it’s automatically the reply email).
If You Bought Just The Domain Name
This is much easier,but doesn’t let you send emails as your domain name…just receive.
Find where you can redirect or forward emails to your account. With my hosting, I just just click ‘add forwarder’ and enter the name I’d like to use.
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 9.00.41 PM
Boom. Done!
Tech Tuesday 1
I hope this all makes sense! If not, let me know in the comments, or send me an email 🙂


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How To Buy Your Own Domain Name

I have gotten a few questions about buying domain names and how it works, so here’s my quick guide on how to be “official”!

Decide where you’ll buy your domain name from.
I like to use NameCheap because, well, it’s cheap. It only costs $10.69 for a whole year with a .com  name. Other ones might be cheaper if they’re not a .com (or more expensive) depending on what the name is and availability. Sometimes your name is taken, so you have to get creative.

NameCheap asks if you want to get WhoisGuard for about $2.88 (or for free). DO IT. Basically what it does is protect your personal information. When you register for a domain name, you give your name, phone number, address, email, all sorts of personal info you might not want the whole world to see. WhoisGuard protects you and uses their information instead. So if someone does look your site up, it will just forward you whatever emails they try to send you.

With any site, before you check out, do a quick Google search to see if you can use a coupon code to get a discount! This is another reason why I like NameCheap, they have a page full of their latest promos!

You’ll also be asked if you want to add hosting to your website. If you plan on hosting your own site, you can do that here. If you use Blogger, Tumblr, or Squarespace, you don’t need to get it. But if you want to use the full then you’ll want to buy hosting (and make sure they do WordPress!).

WOO! Now you own your domain name!

*Be aware that sometimes it doesn’t start working instantly. It might take a few minutes to an hour. If you don’t see it after an hour DEFINITELY contact support!

Now, how do you actually use it?

This is a good guide for Blogger. If you bought hosting, it should be fairly easy to get it going.  This is a guide for installing WordPress on Name Cheap. It’s pretty straightforward. Just make sure you read everything carefully and don’t get overwhelmed!
When installing WordPress, when it asks for directory…leave it blank! Unless you want it to be like, leaving it blank will leave it at


And that’s it! Please let me know in the comments or on Twitter if this is helpful, or if you’d like more information!

My next Tech Tuesday post will be about how to use your domain name’s email, so be sure to subscribe via Bloglovin’ or another RSS reader to stay updated!

Weekly Wrap: Happy 4th!

I hope everyone has had a great 3 day weekend! This past week was full of running around buying things to organize our new apartment, fitting in workouts, and work.
I took Monday off because I wasn’t feeling too hot, but was able to hang some stuff in the apartment with Shaun. Our dining room, kitchen, master and guest bathrooms are all pretty much done! We do need to find a skinny curtain for our window in the bathroom, it’s a tad creepy to have a window in there but also really nice to have natural light in the bathroom when I’m getting ready in the morning.
Our office/guest room is a HOT MESS right now. The closet is definitely storage, but since we need to buy some book shelves, and just go through everything to donate or sell, the whole room is soooo unorganized!
The master closet is slightly messy but only because we’re using our dresser as a buffet in the dining room and now anything we used to keep in it is just in the most random places. There have been a lot of “lost” items lately! The living room is about done too, we just need to get something to put by the door for keys, shoes, random stuff.
I was able to work out every day this week, but the 2 workouts I did at our apartment gym felt so rushed since I had other stuff on my mind. This week I’m planning on going to the gym every day since we’re gonna miss it next week while on vacation!
Shaun had a test on his stomach Monday to see how fast or slow it ’empties’. He was done within an hour, which is not normal. They said it could be good or bad. So more waiting to see what that means. But on the bright side, he has been feeling much better this week and is able to eat different things with no pain! Woo!
In blog news, I have been (slowly) learning how to make custom templates, and will hopefully be able to debut them soon! Also, starting tomorrow, I will be doing ‘Tech Tuesdays’! I am very excited about this! I’ll be writing about all sorts of tech related subjects! Tomorrow is all about domain names!
what tech related questions do you want answered? 
do you have any organizational tips?
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June Favorites

Oh hey July! Sneaking up on us! I decided I’d share some of my favorite stuff I was obsessed with all month!

Chocolate Zico Water
Chocolate Zico Water is amazing. I want to drink it all day every day. It is especially good to have when you’ve finished a workout or just came in from the ridiculous heat and humidity.
Starbucks Pink Drink
If you haven’t had this, you’re missing out. It’s the Starbucks Acai Refresher with coconut milk instead of water. They throw in strawberries and more than enough ice. The refreshers have caffeine in them, so that’s an extra bonus if you’re half asleep!
The Office
In between all the crazy things that have happened this month, Shaun and I have been making our way through The Office. I wish my office was more like this office.
32oz Hydroflask
My Hydroflask has been a lifesaver all month. From my workouts, to just life in general, it’s amazing because it keeps your water and ice COLD ALL DAY. Even if you leave it in your car. Love it.
Planning For Seattle
Our trip to Seattle is coming up and I have been trying to figure out what to do! I am definitely going on an orca whale watch. THAT IS FOR SURE #FreeWilly but that’s all I really know. So suggestions are greatly appreciated!
Have a great 4th of July weekend!
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Why My Dog Has An Instagram

#CrazyDogLady alert!

A few months ago, after scrolling though my own personal Instagram, looking at corgis, puppies, and any kind of dog, I thought it’d be so amusing if I made one for my dog, Mac.

So I did.

I find it both funny and awesome. Not only does it allows me to post more pics of my dog, but I can follow ALL THE DOGS and it’s not weird. I have found other corgidors (or corgadors), dogs in Atlanta, and all over the world. I write as if I’m the dog. It’s just a good time.

Some of my friends and family follow Mac, he follows them back too. I think most people know I’m crazy ridiculous but not about my dog. He is my fur-baby, so he’s SUPER spoiled. But I don’t push him around in a stroller or anything. Shaun and I make sure he’s a happy pup, give him Party Poppers, and buy him bones when we feel guilty about being too busy.

Of course it would be super cool if Mac was like super famous and my job was to just post pictures of him all day. I’d be fine with that, but Mac knows when I’m taking pictures of him and ALWAYS looks away. So that’d be pretty hard to maintain.

So, why do I do this? Because it just makes me happy. It’s fun to see other dogs like Mac since he’s such a random breed, if I’m having a bad day, it’s just fun to scroll through the feed or post new pictures. Try it and you’ll see!

Do you have an obsession with dog Instagrams? 
Which are your favorite?


Weekly Wrap: Moving

Last week flew by! I feel like I say that every week though.. They’re all just flying! Now things are getting back to semi-normal though. Here’s my crazy week:

I’m sure work was crazy, and then when I got home, I had to set up power and cable and other stuff for our new place! We officially got our new apartment! It’s literally a mile away, on the other side of the river. We also gave our 30 days notice to our old apartment!
Shaun and I went to Total Body Fitness, and we did some monkey bars, and I tore my hand open a little bit!
Afterwards, we got Moe’s. For me, it hit the spot, but for Shaun, not so much.

I learned at work that I would have to do a deploy at midnight. I thought it’d be 12,  noon,  because that makes more sense, but no. I wasn’t excited about being away for over 24 hours. To try to keep on schedule, I went to kickboxing, went home got to blog for a minute, and then it was time to work. Long story short, my computer wouldn’t connect to the intranet so I couldn’t do it. But of course this all happened at 12:30am and I was up for an hour troubleshooting and then when I tried to go to bed,  I couldn’t because I was super stressed and was scared I’d be in trouble the next day.

I went into work late since I stayed up so late. (originally I wouldn’t have worked but didn’t earn the hours). Since I wasn’t able to sleep in super late, Shaun and I signed our lease and got our keys to our new place. After work, we went to our storage unit, went through what we were keeping, took a carload to goodwill and 2 x 2 cars worth of stuff to the new place. I never thought I’d see the day when it was empty again! A weight off our shoulders!

Work seemed to fly by and then it was back to the new place to get the Internet set up. We have a different provider now and it’s cheaper for double the speed. That’s totally cool with me! Plus I bought a new router since our old one barely covered our 848 Sq ft apartment. ( now we’re over 1,200 Sq ft!). We also get a cable box that’s included in our community fee, so it’ll be interesting to see if we watch cable. Probably when the Walking Dead comes back on!

TBF was insane. 20 mins continuous. Plus the heat. Woof.

After work I did happy hour with my. K-Bestie, Kelundra! We got margaritas and ate way too many chips! Uncle Julio’s has great chips, salsa, and guac!
I got home, had to do some work, and then moved some stuff to the new place. When Shaun got home we moved our dresser over. We’re going to use it in our dining room (we fancy now!) as a buffet. We finally unboxed our 2 sets of China from our grandmothers and put them into the ‘buffet’.

We decide to move today. So we went to the gym,  and then got a uhaul. Then it was go time. We took a break at the pool because it was 100 degrees outside, and then kept at it. My parents came over and helped, saw the new place and then left. We stayed up until after midnight…

More Moving!
Luckily we still had the uhual, and cleaned out the rest of our apartment. My mom came over and we just got it all done. Then it was onto the new place to unpack EVERYTHING. My dad came over, and we all had dinner. After they left, we kept unpacking, and had to remember to take back the truck! Luckily the people at the place we got it from were SUPER nice and said we didn’t have to return it after exactly 24 hours. (if that was the case, we would have been screwed!). On the way to our new home, we stopped by the old place to turn off the a/c, patch some holes and grab 2 things out of the fridge (that we ended up forgetting…again). We also set up Shaun’s tent, because we plan on “camping out” sometime this weekend in there! Haha

Don’t you looooove moving??
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Weekly Wrap: Curveballs

It’s Tuesday night, and I’m about to stay up until who knows when. I have to do a deploy in the middle of the night for work (again), and had originally thought it was going to be during the day Wednesday. But this morning I learned it wasn’t. So I’ll be awake for about 24 hours. CAN’T WAIT.

So, lets back up to last Monday. I posted my Weekly Wrap about the previous week, mentioning how Shaun has had a lot of stomach pain. Since it was so bad that weekend, he was able to get an emergency endoscopy for Tuesday morning. So we got up, and went to the doctor. We were there for a few hours but the procedure took about 15 minutes. They knocked Shaun out and went down his throat with a camera. I’d post the pics, but I doubt anyone wants to see that!! They saw areas of irritation, took some samples for biopsies, and he was all done. I wasn’t aware how HIGHLY entertaining Shaun would be afterwards. I should have taken video!

I worked from home the rest of the day as Shaun recovered. The doctor recommended that he be on a low-residue diet and avoid fats. This means I am also on the same diet. Which is totally fine! I’m not complaining because in the past week I’ve lost 3 pounds. I really think fat had something to do with it. We never really paid attention to it before.

Later that afternoon, I went to get my hair did!

hair before

I was getting the Great Hair Treatment. Basically it takes that extra poof out of your hair. I was planning on doing it this summer since the Georgia humidity makes the chances of having a good hair day like 1 in 365. In order to seal the treatment, my amazing hair dresser Kandace straightened my hair. I haven’t done this in 5 years!! Here is a rare selfie of me with straight hair!

hair after

It was pretty fun having straight hair the rest of the week! Proof that the treatment works was that it was a super humid and drizzly day, and my hair didn’t move a muscle! It was also fun to freak out my coworkers. Everyone did double takes and didn’t recognize me at 1st. That was super funny!

So, we are still on Tuesday. I get home, and took Mac out. We checked our mail and had a letter from our apartment leasing office. It said we have to move out by August 31st because they’re going to renovate our building.
Um. What?
Yep. We resigned our lease in January! We were planning on staying here for years until we buy a house. Our apartment is perfect, in a great location on the river, close to great stores, and we have a bunch of friends here now. Shaun and I started looking online for places to live. We considered renting a house, and Friday we applied for one near a park on the river. We toured it, I think the owner was there doing some work, but the realtor and company weren’t great at answering questions. Plus they had TERRIBLE reviews online so then we became nervous.
it did have 2 walk in master closets…
Saturday we drove around in potential neighborhoods looking for ‘For Rent’ signs. On our way home (and feeling discouraged) Shaun pointed out one of the apartments on the other side of the river from us. We originally looked there 2 years ago, but never got to tour it since they weren’t in the office when we went. The apartments looked really cute, and we went in to get information. While we waited we looked at the prices and were impressed that apartments with more than 1 bedroom were in our price range. We told them our situation, and toured a 3 and 2 bedroom. The 2 bedroom wasn’t a model, so it was available that day. It is already renovated, and we loved it. So we said we wanted that exact unit, applied for it, and…
Living in a townhouse with a landlord that doesn’t answer questions was freaking us out, so living in an apartment is more comfortable for us. Plus, we don’t have to worry about fixing things, have a pool, river access (we even checked it out before we applied to make sure they had a trail and a good put-in spot for kayaking), gym, and all that good stuff. It’s only $3 more than the townhouse #ForReal.

We are much more excited about the new apartment and so pumped to have a designated dining room and 2nd bedroom and bathroom! The added bonus is that we will be able to finally get rid of our 2 (yes, TWO) storage units! We’ll be able to use our big dining room table we got from my grandfather, and we will most definitely fight (lol) about all my childhood junk in storage. I have plans to sell or donate what I don’t need to keep. I’ll share my Etsy shop and where ever else I sell stuff on later.

Sorry for all the information, but life has been crazy this summer! If you’ve been following me on Twitter you have seen my many rants and gifs about it all! haha!

Those are the main, big, stressful things going on the past week. We finally got to go kayaking on Sunday:

And then I realized….when we move, we should move our kayaks by way of the river! (we are LITERALLY moving across the river, it’s maybe a mile (driving) door to door)

So now, I will continue staying up, binge watch The Office while I work through the night. In the morning we’re finally getting an ultrasound on Shaun’s gallbladder. Updates to come.

How do you deal with stress?
How do you keep up with blogging during busy weeks?

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Tips For Working From Home

Ah yes…working from home (or WFH as we like to call it at work). People who aren’t able to work from home think it’s all fun and games. If you call worrying your coworkers are thinking you’re slacking fun, and actual work games, then you’re right.
I am lucky enough to work for a company and in an industry that allows me to do my job from pretty much anywhere. As long as there’s wifi and electricity…I’m good to go. I can’t just wake up any day and say WFH! but in the case like yesterday, where I had a terrible cough and lost my voice, I was able to email my manager to ask if I could work from home.
You need to have rules and structure to your day, just like any other day. Here’s what I do when I work from home in order to still function like a normal person.
Wake Up
Yeah, like actually wake up at a normal hour. On a normal day I get up 30 mins before I’m supposed to leave for work. That means I’m up an hour before I start work on a WFH day. Either I will get started early so I am done earlier, or take my sweet time and browse Instagram and Facebook before moving.
Take A Shower and Get Dressed
You don’t have to wear actual work clothes, but you need to change clothes. Yesterday I wore yoga pants and a sweatshirt. But that’s not what I slept in. I also took the extra time to wash my hair in the morning for once.
Morning Duties
In the morning, I usually take Mac outside while Shaun is getting ready for work. So when I get out of bed on weekdays, Mac thinks I’m about to take him out. This can be annoying because I’m not always dressed for anyone to see me when I roll out of bed. Wait a minute dog!
I also make tea and breakfast when I’m working from home. Yesterday I didn’t really eat any breakfast since we didn’t have any food I wasn’t feeling too great. But you know I made some nice tea!
Get Your Workspace Set Up
When I work from home, it’s so easy to hang out on the couch and work. Which is what I usually do in the afternoon. But for the 1st half of the day, I get my laptop, mouse and headset set up at our dining room table. I like sitting there and we get a lot of the morning sun in the dining room so it’s a nice change to be out of fluorescent lights during the waking hours.
Be Active At Work
Just because you’re not physically at work doesn’t mean you need to act like you’re not “there” altogether. When I’m in meetings I turn on my video (after finding the perfect light/angle), IM my teammates any and all my questions, and make sure the volume on my laptop is turned up so I can hear the incoming IM or email notifications.
Go Out For Lunch
Since I’ve been home all morning and got to miss out on that morning traffic, I like to pick up lunch somewhere. Yesterday, since I had lost my voice, I ordered food online and then picked it up. I also like to go places I can’t go to at work. I also take Mac with me for a ride so he can get out and stretch his little legs too.
Don’t Tell Everyone You’re Home
I mean this in a nice way. My husband knows I’m home, but that’s about it. If I tell my parents or friends also not at work, they’ll try to hang out. I treat it like any other workday. Also, since you don’t have anyone else around, don’t take this time to post a million things on your social media…especially if you’re friends with coworkers on it. It will look like you’re not working….because you’re not.
No Distractions
AKA no Netflix/Hulu/Amazon catch ups. If you can’t do it in the office, don’t do it at home. Sure for lunch I might watch a 30 minute show, but that’s it. Music only.
Boom, there you go…that’s how I get through working from home. Don’t abuse the privilege!
do you ever work from home?
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Packing For 12 Days In Europe

Sweet baby Jesus. Packing for Europe. That’s a trip in itself. Where to begin?

Once we booked our flight to and from Europe, that made our dreams a reality, and the harsh reality was, was that we wanted to go to many different places in our 12 days in Europe. We ended up choosing 5 cities in 12 days. That’s a lot of moving around. Immediately I was thinking of how we’d look dragging rolling suitcases down streets, trying to figure out our way to the hotel and being a target for thieves!

That didn’t sound to hot to me. I like to blend in. I remember when I studied in London, seeing obvious tourists rolling their suitcases down uneven roads, drawing all kinds of attention to themselves. I didn’t want that to be us.

Thanks to Mother Pinterest, I began to create a vision of how we could pack light and not be gross, have broken backs, or obvious travelers.

I really liked this post by The Budget-Minded Traveler. She wrote about packing for an 8 day trip with a 30 liter backpack. I have a 30 liter Patagonia backpack, so I was curious if I could do the same.

Since I am such a great and experienced blogger, I didn’t take any pictures of the packing process, or anything specific I packed. You’re….welcome?? How about, if someone requests, I will document packing all the same stuff I brought…in pictures and an instructional video. Fair?

Let’s get to it….here’s what I packed for 12 days in Europe. If you have any questions or want to know what my husband brought, let me know!!



30L Patagonia Mate Backpack (discontinued I believe)
the green & black bags….left the yellow & the dog at home
Shaun Packed:
REI Roadtripper Duffel – Large (packable)
Patagonia Fuego 32L Backpack (can’t find this one either)
A note about the bag situation: I used my green Kavu and my Patagonia backpack as my personal and carry on items(shoved my black Kavu in my backpack for later), and Shaun used just his backpack as his carry on. The REI duffel bag folds down into a small circle, so we brought that in case we ended up buying things and needed to check a bag, or if Shaun wanted to use that as a carry on. In the end, we didn’t even need to bring it.


These allowed us to plug in up to 4 USB devices in 1 outlet, and came with the 2 different adaptors we’d end up needing. This is a great guide to figure out what adapters you’ll need on your trip.
Don’t worry, everyone has a selfie stick in all the touristy spots. Also really good for when no one else is around to take your picture, or you think people are too sketch to hand them your camera/phone.
Lifesaver. I have the 5,600 mAh one. You can get these in bigger/smaller battery sizes. Mine could charge my phone from 5%-100% at least once, if not 1.5 times. I keep this in my purse. Why would you not have one of these!!
We bought this literally the day before we left. Shaun was originally not going to bring his phone since he wouldn’t be getting service in Europe, so my phone would have been all we were using for pictures, directions, information, etc. This camera is awesome! Shaun mainly used it, but it’s waterproof and shock proof, and the best part was that it has WiFi, so every night I’d load the pictures onto my phone, and it was all backed up on Google Photos.

Other Fun Stuff:

headphones (plane rides)
4 usb charging cables (plus an extra for my purse)
flash drive with copies of our passports, license, debit/credit cards, insurance cards, plane/train tickets and hotel reservations
notebook & pen
packable umbrella


Since I knew we’d be moving around a lot, I knew this part had to be easy.
You are allowed to bring a quart-sized bag with 3.4 ounces or less per item in your carry on. So I brought a travel size of face wash, lotion, deodorant, shampoo and toothpaste. I researched and knew most of the places we’d stay would have soap and my husband was packing soap in his bag.
 I put my Epi-Pens in a separate zip lock, and then put both of these in a gallon ziplock. I did have an actual toiletries bag that I brought nail clippers, my toothbrush, hair ties, face wipes, and Wet Ones in.


So for some reason I can’t find any packable rain jackets that look like mine or my husband’s, but here’s one from Land’s End, where I got mine 5+ years ago. This is a must have item in my opinion. Barely takes up any space, yet incredibly helpful when it’s rainy or windy.
Gotta look fresh, plus they are great for all temperatures and still looking nice.
I have a billion of these shirts from Target. So I brought 4. (I wore 1 for traveling so technically 3 were packed).
Please don’t wear shorts with your butt hanging out! Make sure they have an inseam! Europeans don’t dress like we do, so they don’t want to see EVERYTHING your momma gave you.
These pants from Eddie Bauer are SO comfy. They look nice, but have a bit of stretch and great pockets. I didn’t want to wear jeans and look super American, so these are a must.
For plane and train rides, and when it’s chilly out.
4 pairs of socks
This was perfect for Edinburgh, where it was unseasonably cold, windy and rainy most of our time there. I wore this, a long sleeve button down, jacket, and scarf, and at times the packable rain jacket as well.
This underwear is the best ever. I had remembered seeing it at REI a long time ago as the only pair you’d need for a long trip. I investigated and if you wash and dry it (the right way), they’re good to go by morning. I tested them out a month before our trip and they really dried overnight, and were insanely comfy. The tag says you’ll never buy other kinds of underwear again, and they’re right! They blow all my VS Pink undies out of the water.
2 pairs of regular underwear
Just in case.
2 tank tops to wear under button down shirts
Also used to sleep in.
My trusty Columbia. I also like them because the pockets zip up!
Because it was summer.
1 pair of Converse & 1 pair of Toms
I really wanted to bring my Chacos, but knew I’d probably be cold and not wearing shorts most of the time. Having 2 pairs of shoes to alternate between was great, but I was tired of wearing them by the end of the trip. Tons of walking.
Europe & scarfs go together. They keep you warm, are easily shoved in your bag, and can dress up an outfit if you’re not sure what attire you need to be dressed in.
If you did the math, you’ll see I didn’t have enough underwear, shirts, and socks to not wear them twice. The underwear was easily washable so that wasn’t a problem. about 5 days in, Shaun pulled out some paracord from his backpack, and set it up in our hotel room so we could do laundry in the bathroom. We washed all of our shirts, socks, and underwear in the sink, and hung them up to dry. So be prepared to do a little laundry!
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